Transfer Station and Recycling Center Guidelines

Hours: Every Saturday 8:00 am – 12:00 noon
Open to Town of Cleveland Residents and Landowners only – proof may be required



Appliances – Furniture – Tires
Construction Debris
Yard Waste
Scrap Metal – Batteries
Fluorescent Bulbs
Electronics or TVs
Hazardous Materials

Items Accepted for Recycling:
Clean plastics – clear & colored #1 – #7
Clean tin cans
Clean glass – brown, green, clear
Aluminum cans
Newspapers, magazines, office paper

Jackson County hosts Tire, Appliance, and Electronics roundups at various times through the spring and summer. Details are available on the Jackson County website

Scrap metal, Appliances, Televisions, fluorescent bulbs, and batteries, and hazardous materials should be taken to a licensed disposal facility.

Brush and yard debris can be burned, please refer to the Wisconsin Department of Resources website for information on regulations and how to obtain a free burning permit.

A private dumpster should be obtained for construction projects or commercial uses