2022-11 Notice of Regular Monthly Meeting



Tuesday, November 15th 2022 immediately following 7pm Electors Meetings

Location: Fairchild Fire Protection District Meeting Room



  1. Call Meeting to Order.
  2. Roll Call/Quorum Call.
  3. Affidavit of Posting for Regular Monthly Meeting.
  4. Reading of October 2022 Minutes and Approval.
  5. Treasurer’s Report and Approval.
  6. Review and Pay Monthly Bills.
  7. Public Comment: Must sign up prior to start of meeting. Five (5) minute time limit.
  8. Old Business
    1. Fire Board Report
    2. Road Report
    3. Meeting and Training Report
    4. Discussion and possible action on Barrel Inn ATV Driveway on N Alma Center Rd.
  9. New Business
    1. Discussion and possible action on Tax Collection Software for Treasurer.
    2. Discussion and possible action on salt sand.
    3. Discussion and possible action on setting aside town hall sale proceeds in a fund and examining other fund balances.
    4. Determine December meeting date and time and possible agenda items.
  10. Adjourn.